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10-13-2011, 11:33 AM
Originally Posted by fallout23 View Post
If healing numbers also reflected how much damage your heals mitigated, threads like this wouldn't even exist. 8 digit healing numbers would be standard and ppl like our op who don't understand how out of control mitigation stacking is would actually "see" the proof at the end of the match. Seems like the only evidence that would work since some ppl are to hard headed to actually try out the class their complaining about
Yep all you have to do is Beam Overload someone after a sub nuke to see how hard core mitigations are. Its funny that a BOL 3 on a fully buffed cruiser... will tickle them for a couple thousand points tops... and if they get sub nuked and BOL 3ed again 2 seconds later... you score a 80k crit. lol

Its not the crits that are borked...its the mitigation system that lets dmg go from Insanity to Insanely laughable in 1/2 second. (this isn't a SNB grip either.... just plain facts buffed = god... unbuffed = fodder)

Its also much to easy to score crits in this game to begin with. Crit rate in general needs some sort of reduction... most games where you swing one weapon having 20-30% crit rates isn't too bad a thing as you can't spam attacks so you land crits at a pace that doesn't make for uber burst dmg in general.
In this game you can load multiple weapons that all calculate their own crit chance... they have the crit chance lowered a bit and the best anyone can do is around 14%.... however if you are firing say 8 weapons all with 14% chance at once (one volley) you have a 70% chance to land one crit every volley. It means everything in this game even the undead 8 beam cruisers get way too much burst... which they decided to fix through mitigations... and we have what we have now.