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10-13-2011, 12:04 PM
Originally Posted by Starfish1
So I decided when Golds got free ship tokens that I would continue my subscription... now you give them to Silver as well?

Why would I possibly want to continue paying my subscription after F2P?

I want to give you my money every month... please give me a reason!
Silver only gets a Lt. Cdr and Cdr ship... you also get a Captain and RA (by far, the most expensive). So instead of spending RD (refined Dilithium) on your ship like the Silvers, you can instead spend it on gear, which at the higher levels becomes more and more important. It's ok to run common and green gear for pvp on a Lt Cdr or even a Cdr ship until you get mission rewards.... not so for Captain and higher.

Honestly, I think I can live with this. VA still might need a discount or something, but I'd like to see the current VA ships moved to RA-U, and a full Tier 6 added for VA (Odyssey, new Escort, new Sci).