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10-13-2011, 12:07 PM
Originally Posted by Vipermist
Since when has anyone that went up against a TSI team using mass sci spam and spreads had fun?
What sci spam are you talking about? Scramble is not allowed by matteo's rules and all other sci spam (>3 SNBs) is either not being used by TSI in the usual current tournament setups or allowed even by other more restrictive rulesets.

I'm fairly sure TSI is willing to agree to any team's request to play the respective match without spread. But the great thing about less restrictions is: If a fleet thinks that spread is the way to beat TSI, they can try it. Think 5 sci intrepids beat TSI? Try it.

Okay, you don't need a funday for this, every group can challenge TSI and set up premade matches, but still.