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10-13-2011, 01:12 PM
Originally Posted by FurQue
~edit~ Stegi tournament was exactly this, and if you didn't bring feds, you lost.

The game is so broken, I mean, its always been broken in one way or another, but right now, theres some serious problems. Which has lead to the formation of rules to be followed. Every rule made in any tournament that has happened so far has been widely understood, as the vast majority of the pvp player base knows how broken things are.

To make a tournament with no rules other than no scramble is a monumental leap in the direction of stupidity. Everyone knows there are broken skills, whats the point of forcing people to play with them?

Then maybe you should pay closer attention to the "night shift", until that last chat we had on QEW TS server they were running Scramble 3's, FAW and mines. Seems like after the recent announcement from TSI, it'll be back to business as usual. Though, I suppose if you just close your eyes to it, then it doesn't happen.
then you can choose not to partake, all i ask is that because i think something may be fun not to automatically assume its some evil tsi global agenda to beat people. this is what ****es me off.

whens the last time any of the skills were used in combanation with each other? mine spam? then take faw. both cancel each other out. too much sub nukes? well without scramble 5 sci teams is all you will ever need for a team, dont like how things work? then play record and send the video to cryptic because they apparnetly have no idea whats going on (and its more and more seeming like they dont care)

i just want people to play.... :/