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10-13-2011, 02:23 PM
My original problem is that they insertet some missions into the storyline which have been Featured episodes before. Yo start the Story. You follow it until you reach LT5. The Reward is an MK II item. Suddenly you do what was a featured episode before, because the story demands it. You do those Missions, and because you have to do them. You get your first daly missions too and you do them as well because you know you will need the dilithium. Then you come to the point where you reach the "old story again. You are LT 9 or LC 1 and your missionreward is an MK III item. In this levelrange you dont have the energycredits to buy something nice of finance you crafting skill to keep you ship top equiped. You do missions that reward you with stuff you need. I was Rear Admiral Lower Half 1 when I wnet back to the klingon frontline. OK, it is a beta and yes we earn a lot more XP than on tribble, but I am shure I can reach CM5 or even Cap 1 on Holodec that way. So there is no reason to do the story before i can afford buying my stuff and do the story just 4 fun. Just for 4 ant because I canīt do the BīTran Missions before the story allows ist.

In my opinion the story should be fun that can be affordet by all captains and not a duty that has to ben done or you never see the Task Force missions.