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10-13-2011, 02:37 PM
Originally Posted by Captan_Bhaal
I'm of the opinion that silver players shouldn't get any tokens for ships and should rely entirely on dilithium to get their ships. Free players should have to work at getting the next ship if they want one while paying players should be be able to move on to a new ship without as much work.
I agree with this assessment and I also believe we should get either
1. a free ship token at VA
2. a high reduction for the c-store.
It seems once you hit VA you get nothing as previously we did. So then what is the big hurry to get to VA? I mean paying what 1200-1600 C-store points. To me this is a bit much for your loyal players who paid Lifetime and month;y etc subs.
I am not complaining just pointing out that the gold members should either get a free ship token or reduction in c-store for our VA ship....
Silver players should not really get free tokens since they are not paying monthly and should work their tails off for their ship