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10-13-2011, 03:08 PM
I will likely stay (since I LT Subbed) after F2P, but I suspect the caliber of the players and of forum discussion will drop precipitously. Side Note : Has anyone else noticed that many Posters in these Forums have slowly, in many ways, became the Cryptic Defense Force?

Atari just wanted to make money so they sold Cryptic. Cryptic wanted to make money so they let PWE make some decisions that I am leery of, at best. There is nothing wrong with a company making money, but that must be balanced by servicing customers needs. Increasing the role of the C-Store was not rooted in customer was rooted in greed.

Anything based on greed is very likely to get out of hand as ever increasing profits must be attained. Ever increasing profits in F2P games seem to create a virtual arms race to buy all the best gear. Of course, after buying all the cool toys, the game is too easy and those players leave. The real winner is Cryptic/PWE and guess who the poor suckers are? Us