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# 1 Funday/tournament bla bla..
10-13-2011, 03:11 PM
There are afew guys out there who think Me and Kharn had some agenda when we made the tournament or when TSI funday was arranged with Matteo and me.. too you I just say .. Whats the point, we beat you with any ruleset possible.. I even hear someone say TSI funday rules was made to make TSI win ... no you just suck play better as a team thats all you know why 7thcore beat GoD/Pveheroes(not really tsi but anyhow) back in the day.. Its because they played better they had better timings they worked as a team better.. So many of you premade fleets out there is just about spamming **** using snb and afew attackbuffs badtimed and even then score kills.. No to beat QEW and TSI you need to become even better. Some of you whine about cookie cutter builds.. well you know what It was Matteo who first used CPB when everyone thought it was ****, I ran Faw3 and people where amazed I thought it was broken..

Im sorry I know some people out there is really trying im not bashing you.

Anyhow I know many are tired of premade pvp have some guys in the fleet who are just tools, never talks about setups its always about how awesome you are when your out soloing with your rsp3 cruiser...

You want to know why, you never evolve in premade vs premade just take a look at your builds as a team you got 5 players someone must have bad skills... someone is doing something that is too complicated.. Like running Bts3 and tricobalt. The fact is You should have a Job on your Team.

(elusive accuracy) is the only two spacetraits that are really good imo.

Engineer in a star-cruiser (Your hullhealer he calls out who need help)

epts1 et2 aux2sif2 extend3
epts1 rsp1 et3
bte1 Delta1
he tss2

Tactical in a mwam (Calls target with Science if science is overloaded with healing dutys you need to step up and call good target and ask for good Snb's to releave the pressure on your team)

TT1 hiy2 rapid2 rapid3
tt1 hiy2
st1 ph2 sw1
epts1 epts2

Science in a intrepid (S/he heals, when needed called by the engineer or if se notice someone Cpbing Primary job to Keep the guy the other team is focusing on to have nice fresh shields and To keep that science team for their teams healing cruiser. Offencive powers can be used either by calling or "when the time is right", when your team know that they can apply alot of presure at once. And remember a well placed subnook is sometimes two kills for your team or when its really bad you havn't done anything)

epts1 epts2
ST1 he2 tss3 cpb3
st1 tss2/scramble1 sw1/tachyonbeam3
thy1 thy2

Now there is something for spot 3 -4 usually another sci/intrepid + another sci/cruiser for TSI.. their setups is abit of a mistery but the fact of the matter is all premade setups should have abundance of Science teams, all ships should have Emergency power to shields, your escort need to get abilitys that get him/herself out of tractorbeams and if subnuked have another protective layer (Ph2).. sometimes you will just die if you get subnuked at the wrong time thats when you hope your healer is faster then their torpedoes.

Anyhow PREMADE vs PREMADE should be fun, it should be the best games you ever had and after the match you need to have adrenalin pumping win or loss it should be fun,... If CAC don't have fun vs TSI well play Cerberus squadron then if you two are not evenly matched ask for them to have 4 players..

anyhow enough rant.. If you want to read anything more into what I've said here fine you can bash me and TSI abit more.. But really I genuinly Hope that anyone who find Premade pvp fun to make themselves better.!/ZorenaPkaj