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10-13-2011, 03:57 PM
idunno about hostile...but matter of fact and blunt, yes.

actually i feel much better after reading zorenas post. i really try to get better at piloting and coordinating the shots daily, and the powers that were listed in that post are what my core builds are like. and yes hopefully very role oriented. and with any luck after a while the shot calling is at a min because everyone knows whats going on.

to have fun and mess around because we just cant keep 5 decent guys on the field as some others, we are "spamming" tetryon beam overloads. we know its cheesy, and also kills yer weapons power something furious...but we can all fill our role and throw a quirk out there. and if it doesnt go anywhere we'll do something different next month. i think thats what happened with mines...and faw...and now spread.. i hope no one who truely wants a nice fair fight intenionally uses things that are kinda uncouth.

either way i wish everyone the best. i love trek. and a good fight.