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# 1 Crafting the Delta Flyer
10-13-2011, 05:05 PM
From a post by EEPH Stephen D'Angelo:
Originally Posted by sdangelo View Post
The "Delta Flyer" and some other ships that were attainable in game through Emblem grinding have also been C-Store ships the whole time. The game version on Tribble currently has these ships as C-Store only and relies on the bigger picture Dilithium economy (which should show up in the next blog) for acquiring these in-game.
Hi, folks,

I don't know about you, but I remember way back when Cloaked Intentions came out. There was a little mission you could do. It was a little grindy -- you had to go around star clusters and scan anomalies, I think a total of twelve over the course of three or four days. It was a daily mission. At the end of it, though, you were given a schematic and sent to Memory Alpha, and there you could craft your very own Delta Flyer.

It was just a shuttle: A dinky little thing, not much more than a high-performance speedster, couldn't even really do in a stand-up fight. A T1 Miranda could take it down. But I crafted it, I built it, and even if I unlocked it for my entire account later, that shuttle was mine and I had a strong attachment to it. It was Speshul in a way that no other ship really was. Because I had built it.

I found the Delta crafting mission to be surprisingly rewarding and enjoyable. I was saddened to read that the current plans are to make the Delta C-Store-only. It isn't a RAEG ALERT issue, but it is disappointing. I have a very fond memory of that mission. And I still have the shuttle. And I was looking forward to crafting the Peregrine for my Tac captain. (And perhaps someday, the mission scout ship for my sciency captain.)

I would like to encourage Cryptic to please reconsider this. Please let the Delta remain a craftable ship, and make the Peregrine and the mission scout ship (if it ever enters the game) also craftable in-game. It's not like people are going to be pwnzoring the game with shuttles. And if the focus in the C-Store is on starships, how much will it really hurt the bottom line to allow people to craft these?

If the PTB are adamant that the Delta be in the C-Store (even after having been available through crafting) then perhaps a different shuttle of some kind? Perhaps the above-mentioned mission scout ship, or even the rather sleek shuttle from Insurrection, without much if any mechanical difference from said shuttle. Just something visually different from the standard shuttlecraft, something that a person can do a mini-grind for, to get the above sense of accomplishment and involvement... if that makes sense.

So please keep the Delta craftable when the game goes F2P, Cryptic.

ETA: Quote from D'Angelo and recommendation.