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10-13-2011, 06:57 PM
Originally Posted by D'Angelo
In order for this all to work, we need to have something valuable that is only available for Cryptic Points, and we need something valuable that is only available for Dilithium.

C-Store points should be a shortcut to get something available for Dilithium. If something is only available for C-Store points, and it has a game-play affect (say, an extra console slot or an extra Boff Slot), then it's pay to win.

And please, stop insulting our intelligence by saying you can trade for Dilithium and get C-Store points and get something sans real world money. Money is paid into the system in order for those C-Store points to exist at all.

The public lines about the Dilithium exchange system and the TX.5 ships are transparent lies, and they're not even half-believable.

The system can work if the C-Store to Dilithium conversion rate is fixed at a certain rate, so that C-Store points are faster and cheaper than grinding Dilithium. Impatient players will buy C-Store points, patient players will grind Dilithium and exchange, but the idea of gating certain ships or gear or what-have-you in order to force those conversions and justify money gouging is immoral and unacceptable.