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10-13-2011, 07:09 PM
Originally Posted by ObiWanJabroni View Post
What you folks are going for with the economy is pretty much what I assumed before this announcement. Because of that, I've been tolerant of the wackiness, and I think you've done a good job so far with the feedback, even though there probably are still wrinkles to iron out. Overall, I think it's a neat idea, and there seem to be a lot of options to earn dilithium, and the gating via refinery is a neat idea to moderate things.

However, I'll reiterate my biggest gripe: There is not that much differences between rarity of items.

So far we've gotten a fairly minor boost in damage based purely on rarity. The [Dam] quality adds what, half a mark to damage? Whoopdie doo. The [Acc] bonus is pretty much a throwaway quality outside of PvP. The [CritH] adds a measly 2% bonus to crit chance. The [CritD] quality is actually somewhat nice as it is, though.

Do something to make the rarity equate the time/money investment it would take to earn the items. The easiest thing to do would be bump up the damage bonus based on rarity. The [Dam] quality could use a beefing to make it worthwhile. Even better, having rarity boost the chances or magnitude of proc effects, even by a little, would be pretty cool.

As it stands, I just feel like you're saying if I come to your house, you'll give me a sandwich. If I do all of your chores and walk your dog every day for a week, you'll throw in a handful of chips.

I don't want a [Win] quality, but it's pretty silly that one dude with the purple Freak Beam Mk X [Acc] [Dam]x2 has almost the same item as the other guy with the green Freak Beam Mk XI [Acc].
I agree, I am all for making Very Rare Items, Very Rare. Harder to get, but as is stated in the above. These Items should be More Special. Actually the new STF gear is a good example. They at least seem alot more special