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10-13-2011, 06:10 PM
Originally Posted by ObiWanJabroni View Post
I don't want a [Win] quality, but it's pretty silly that one dude with the purple Freak Beam Mk X [Acc] [Dam]x2 has almost the same item as the other guy with the green Freak Beam Mk XI [Acc].
This is something the Season 4 changes never really addressed. It tried to, but the only difference is that a purple in a given tier WILL be slightly better than a common in that same tier. It should be more than slightly better to incentivise you to spend dilithium or crafting resources. And those purples should still give advantage in the next tier, but not at the expense of removing the incentive to go for the purples in that following tier.

This feeds into another issue, which is that we actually spend a rather short time in each rank to really need to upgrade our gear, and since we have so few item slots its hardly worth the time until later in the game or if you are on a higher difficulty setting from lower levels.

THAT should be addressed.

Originally Posted by amphigory View Post
I would like to hear why Merits have been removed then?
So we have something to sink EC into. The rationale could be that all the resources put into teaching your tactical officer High Yield torpedo (the holodeck hours, the simulations, the weapons testing etc) expended ship's energy in some way.