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10-13-2011, 06:13 PM
The only good thing that I'm taking from this latest dev blog is that the Dilithium prices are going down considerably. Everything else sucks.

You still have a long way to earning this player's trust in the economy department. Give us back our VA token, remove or raise the refinement cap, fix the prices on the C-Store (1600-2000CP for a ship is way too much), and give us an IN-GAME method of earning C-Store items (and, no the Dilithium-to-CP exchange doesn't count as real money is exchanging hands somewhere in the process).

The key thing to note here is that Cryptic will not be selling Dilithium, so there will only be as much Dilithium available as the player base wants to trade away. The laws of supply and demand come into play here. If Dilithium is difficult to come by, it will have a high value. If it's easy to come by, its value will decrease.
This is an extremely slippery slope that I do hope that you have considered. There will be plenty of people who are going to game the system, particularly the gold farmers. You think it was bad before for the EC spammers? If you insist on letting there be an exchange, at least offer the option of buying directly from you. Doing it this way just encourages what most other MMO companies consider "illegal".