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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • The Defiant Retrofit and Galaxy X are now in the C-Store.
  • The Klingon promotion missions for commander and captain are now working as designed.
  • Promotion text now properly removes reference to dilithium costs where applicable.
  • Exploration tours (Explore 3 Delta Volanis systems, etc.) are no longer daily missions.
    • They can be repeated once every half hour for skill points.
    • A new daily mission allows you to gain dilithium once per day for completing an exploration tour.
      • Starfleet officers can acquire this mission from Lieutenant Grall
      • KDF officers acquire the mission from Lieutenant Atonone.
      • Completing any exploration tour will finish this mission and reward a stipend of dilithium.
  • Any players that lost Dilithium due to the previous build has that dilithium back.
    • The issue that caused this problem in the first place has been resolved.

Known Issues:
  • "Chart Azela Expanse" is still a daily that grants dilithium.