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10-14-2011, 12:33 AM
Originally Posted by matteo716 View Post
if your affraid of torp spread or fire at will take some mines
Actually, mines have a tendency to make TS worse since it allows you to launch more volleys and the AOE hurts. TS makes sense to ban because it's broken -- these things can crit and kill people through shields. A team spamming TS doesn't really need to coordinate, since they can rely on fluke and luck to get kills. By limiting people to only HYT you remove that fluke aspect and make matches based more on skill and coordination. The vast majority of (or maybe even all of?) pandas have moved away from TS because we want to work on building coordination and teamwork as opposed to mindlessly spamming a broken "I-win" button. (well, TS by itself isn't an I-win button but it is with enough GW and CPB and perhaps one escort running CSV)

Other than that, I completely agree. FAW is a great counter to mine spam, and isn't overpowered anymore damage-wise. A limit of three science captains is reasonable though perhaps not necessary since it is arguable whether it's stronger not to take an eng healer and/or bursty tacscort (although it's funny that the OPvP rules were for any captain type, as if a 5 tactical team was something that needed policing ) and carriers should never have been limited in the first place.