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10-14-2011, 12:38 AM
Originally Posted by Commodore Shrvk
Think endgame Salami. Here is what people USED to do Exploration clusters for
  • Break up the monotony of scanning anomalies and take the 3/mission as they went.
  • Complete the three missions and turn those marks around for gear to use, recycle, or sell to make bank.
  • An alterntive method of leveling, just to see diferent random maps.
  • Run the missions for the Accolades (75 needed if I am not mistaken).
Not to mention that the current Holodeck build of the Star Cluster explore missions give some reward of badges; which although they have limited use (or no use after you've exceeded their initial level band), is still a reward of currency... the type of currency that I am to understand is supposed to be converted at some rate to dilithium. I'm not saying that the star cluster half-hourlies should give the same amount as the daily, but they should give some sort of currency amount.