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10-14-2011, 02:26 AM
I took my tactical VA from Lieutenant to Captain 4 in a Peregrine. Yes, it gets a bit tougher later on, but it doesn't get troublesome into halfway through Commander. The only reason I switched out at Captain 4 was because I wanted to fly a Defiant before jumping into an assault cruiser at RA. I could have continued playing in the Peregrine up to VA if I wanted to. Fighting Borg in it is kinda tricky, but if you set it up right the Peregrine can take a beating.

I set mine up for speed. I used regenerative shields and put all my power into engines and weapons. With the bonus power you get from the engineer efficiency skills, your shields will regenerate fast enough when you're not getting shot at. Yes, this means that sometimes you have to disengage a target and get out of weapons range to allow your shields to regenerate, but you can divert power to shields and regen shields will regen really really fast. Then drop it back to engines and get back into the fight.

The Peregrine with a Harg`peng is pretty much unstoppable. You can load up two of them and then sit outside weapons range while your target sits there melting and exploding.