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10-14-2011, 04:04 AM
Originally Posted by Salami_Inferno
[*]Exploration tours (Explore 3 Delta Volanis systems, etc.) are no longer daily missions.
  • They can be repeated once every half hour for skill points.
  • A new daily mission allows you to gain dilithium once per day for completing an exploration tour.
    • Starfleet officers can acquire this mission from Lieutenant Grall
    • KDF officers acquire the mission from Lieutenant Atonone.
    • Completing any exploration tour will finish this mission and reward a stipend of dilithium.
No... No, no, no, no, NO!

Guys... what the hell? Why are you capping the amount of ore that can be earned in a day? Can we please stop this... You have a refinement cap in place to stop stupid amounts of Refined Diltihium from flooding the market. There's no reason to cap Ore earnings like this.

IMO every explore cluster mission (and pvp match) should give a small amount of ore (around 240 say) so people can build up stocks, encourage them to log in on days they normally wouldn't, even if it's only for 10-15 minutes so they can refine it (and play with their Doffs).

You really need to allow people to earn Dilithium their own way, through a playstyle/content they enjoy rather than forcing them in to playstyles they don't.


Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Think about this:

There are people that can play every day. They make the "n" dailies, refine their ore, and go offline after 2 hours. So per week, he might play 14 hours. A
Now take another player. He plays only on week-ends. 2 hours on Friday perhaps, and 6 hours on Saturday and Sunday. He has also played 14 hours. But he gets to do only dailies worth of 6 hours, because it are just 3 days he's playing.

So now he will always be behind the guy logging on every day. Despite investing the same amount of time.

There is a Dilithium refinement cap in place for each character. Why not rely on that? What's the point if you don't give out ore exceeding that cap? You could just keep the Dailies and ditch the refinement process.

Moreover, you're constraining people's choice with Dailies in the first place. Think about the endgame players. They don't need the skill points. They need Dilithium. And now they have to do PvP (even if some might hate it and just sit around at the spawn point, ruining gameplay for others) and exploration missions (which others might hate due to the dull, repetitive nature of them), and the Pi Canis/Eta Eridani/Deferi Dailies (which others might hate due to the dull, repetitive nature of them).

Trust your refinement system. Ditch the dailies and have repeatable, half-hourly missions for all existing repeatables, that earn skill points, energy credits and dilithium.

Heck, even better - change the refinement limit from a daily to weekly allotment. Give people freedom how, where and when they get their ore.
In my own words. Great post Arch Chancellor.