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10-14-2011, 07:56 AM
I would personally like to know if there's a reason why Klingons can't get DOFF assignments while in orbit above Qo'noS. Federation players currently have 6 sector assignment zones reachable from Earth within a couple minutes of map hopping: the Academy, ESD, orbit, Aenigma space, Captain's Table, and Sirius Sector space. Add Alpha Cent and Delta Volanis zones as quick checks from there, and it's 8 assignment opportunities.

Qo'noS ground and spacedock are the same assignment zone as far as I can tell, plus sector space and Aenigma plus Captain's Table. That's 4, half the possibility Federation captains can get with a few minutes of checking zones. It's also much harder to get to all the far-flung zones in the game to check them than it is for Federation players. (Sure would be nice to have some neutral bases peppered throughout plus some transwarps, but oh well...) Adding 1 more assignment zone in Qo'noS orbit, plus the eventual Klingon Academy, would even things up when comparing Earth and Qo'noS directly. I can live with that for balance considering the sector borders around Earth aren't going to change ever.