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02-23-2009, 09:53 AM
I realize this is a bit unfair given that we've seen so few interior screenshots (2?), but when I saw the new interior shot at IGN, the FIRST thing I thought was "oh no, please not another generic warehouse" style game!

Perhaps I thought this because of Cryptic's history with CoH/CoV where just about every single mission in the game takes place in an office building, warehouse, or cave that all look pretty much exactly the same. They all had the same hallways (even if SOMETIMES in slightly different places), they all had the same plants and same vending machines (even if SOMETIMES in slightly different place) ... but overall ... it was always the same office/warehouse you ran the last 250 missions in.

Like I said, I realize we've only seen like 2 interiors ... but please cryptic .. PLEASE don't do another game where every single non-faction interior looks like its just a shuffle of "generic interior" assets.

We shouldn't see the same 'ramps' and 'workstations' in every single interior ... and only moved around a bit.

Like I said, I'm not saying they are doing this, but I am saying they have done it before in other MMOs .... and I can practically SEE my controller running up the ramp in this STO screenshot rooting a bunch of Rikti.