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10-14-2011, 09:28 AM
*Borg Cube, 2 Borg Spheres, and 3 Borg Probes appear on the viewscreen*

Ensign Ricky: "Vice Admiral! Borg ships dead ahead!"

Vice Admiral Jean-Luc Hikaru Archer-Kirk: *mutters to self* "Not yet they aren't... But soon™..."

Hyper-Inappropriately Attired Female Bridge Officer: "Vice Admiral! The Borg are hailing us!"

VAdm Archer-Kirk: *ogles H-IAFBOff, then mutters to self* "Oh, this should be good..."
*louder, in response... Rests head in hands* "Open the channel, Commander..."

Borg Voices: "We are the Borg. Resistance is..."

VAdm Archer-Kirk: *waves hand dismissively and looks up* "Yeah, yeah, yeah... We know... 'Resistance is futile, blah, blah, blah'... Let me explain just how 'futile'... *does the air 'quotation marks' gesture* ...our resistance has been... Ensign Ricky, at last count, how many Borg ships have we destroyed, just in the last six months?"

Ensign Ricky: *taps on his console for a few seconds, then looks up* "Well, sir, it's either 3,720 or 3,721... There's still some 'debate' whether we should count Two of Ten as one or two kills..."

VAdm Archer-Kirk: *addressing the viewscreen* "There... You see?... I would think that with your whole 'Collective' thingy, that you all would have heard of us, and realize that you really don't stand a chance... Our resistance is... How do I put this delicately?... Brutally effective... So... Why don't you do all of us a favor and just... Oh, I don't know... Self-destruct or something entertaining like that... You know... That might be the first time in almost two years that you Borg losers actually surprised me!... However, if that's too much to ask, let's just dispense with the chit-chat and get to the shooting..."

Borg Voices: *silence... Then responding* "We are the Borg. Your superiority is irrelevant. You will be..."

VAdm Archer-Kirk: *slashes a hand in a gesture across his throat* "Well, points for persistence, I suppose... Alright, let's make this quick... I have a Dabo date on DS9 that I don't want to be late for..."

*Borg proceed to learn the painful difference between 'futile' and 'effective' resistance*