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all the ships that until now had an innate unique ability, mostly VA ships, now have that ability transferred to a universal console that only they can equip. as a result, they received a console slot that they formally traded for their unique ability. this fact i have no problem with, but the extra console some of these ships ended up getting basically amount to a buffs. their dump console type didn't get an additional unneeded console, except for the galaxy retrofit.

tier 3 nebula- it s a +1 ship now too, and its ability can be transferred to any science ship via console. the tier 5 version console is unique to that ship though.

tier 5 nebula- additional science console, 4 total now. now it has a proper science ship number of science consoles, along with its dynamic universal station. a good buff.

vulcan- additional engineering console, 3 total now. guess activating its pet is now a console slot too? this very sturdy science ship having a 3rd engineering console is nothing but beneficial, a buff.

defiant R- additional engineering console, 3 total now. quite beneficial, it could make it a harder target, yields 7 more energy to a sub system, transfers energy faster, etc... science is definitely its dump console, they will be surely be filled with ability and borg consoles. over all, quite a buff.

intrepid R- additional engineering console, 3 total now. with all the science powers these have, they barrly need the number of weapons they have, let alone tactical consoles. tactical is definitely its dump console. the rock hard intrepid is now even harder, quite a buff.

galaxy X- sounds like its not all worked out yet, though i noticed its price is now 1600?! no indication that its abilities are even going to be consoles. but...

guramba- low and behold, it is now listed that it has an additional engineering console, 3 total now. will its transformation and lance be a console then too? now its a true fleet escort clone, with the option of siege mode. no escort would turn down an engineering console, another buff.

varanus- additional engineering console, 3 total now. just in case those repair drones aren't quite as buffed as heretic claims they will be, at least it has as many consoles as the DSSV. that console can be stuck in 1 of its tactical consoles, dosent need those really. a step in the right direction, and yet another additional console that is not in this ships dump console type, thus a buff.

patrol cruiser- no additional console for it, but its about to get a hanger bay. much more useful then another science console, witch is a dump console for any cruiser anyway.

Kar'fi- no change in consoles, it had plenty already. but it gets a second hanger, more pet choices, and a phasing out ability console. if only it had a costume option that wasn't so hideous, I'd love to see a more Klingon looking ship with those lovely stats it has. major buff here.

tier 3 and tier 5 excelsior- get a load of this! according to the tribble c store description each of these ships now have a special console. the tier 3 is a +1 ship, and comes with a basic transwarp console that also boosts subsystem efficiency. the tier 5 excelsior has the advanced version, with the remaining sector block transwarp locations, and a boost to all the subsystem performance! cruisers are going to be overflowing with power now.

now i don't really have a problem with any or the above buffs, they might be slightly better now then their more free counterparts, but that's par for the course. so why am i NOT pleased? well, wile all these above ships got a buff, 1 ship didn't, it got the shaft instead.

Galaxy R- additional science console, 3 total now. what the hell is a cruiser, with only 2 science boff stations btw, supposed to do with a third science console? EVERY cruiser's dump console type! its worthless, its a place to dump universal consoles. only (star)cruisers that run high aux and have no damage potential and do nothing but support and heal would prefer a 3rd science console, and there's already 1 ship in that category, no more are needed.

the Galaxy R has been the joke since it was released, it was the worst at everything. least consoles, least turn rate, sub optimal station setup, an ability that does little more ten make it weaker, etc... every other cruiser choice can ether deal damage, tank or heal better. wile every other ship i listed above was buffed, this ship was not. it wasn't nerfed, but it was left behind, and in this case that's effectively a nerf.

the galaxy class is the largest most powerful capital ship in all of starfleet. its also one of the most iconic, and my personal favorite. is it a crime that it sucks in game. a small but needed gesture to make this ship flyable and not be a liability to the rest of a team is for it to have a 3rd tactical console instead. at least then the cruiser with the most powerful phaser arrays in canon wont be dealing the least damage of the cruisers.

the negvar has the same station setup, vastly superior turn rate, a cloak, and can use cannons already has 3 tactical consoles, so its only fair the galaxy R does as well. so what if the tier 4.5 galaxy had a 3rd science console, its a highly modular ship, that galaxy variant just happened to be setup with exploration, science, and research in mind, rather then combat like the tier 5 galaxy.

or you could do something like this, make the galaxy X abilities and costume chunks a console, and let the base ship have a 3rd tactical console. let the galaxy R continue to have the saucer separation console and the 3rd science console. BUT, let both versions of the galaxy equip ether console, so you could mix and match console and ship similarly to how you can now with the advanced escort and MVAM advanced escort. think of all the money i would have to spend to get a galaxy with a 3rd tactical console and saucer separation! and i would pay it too, please make something like this happen, or just give the galaxy R a 3rd tactical console like it should have.