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10-14-2011, 10:11 AM
Security officer: "Captain, the borg have adapted to our weapons."
Captain: "Keep firing!"
First officer: "But Captain, their shields are too strong!
Captain: "Fight them hand to hand of you have to!'
Security Officer: "Capatin, that's sui*-- hrrkkk!"
*Security Officer is defeated*
*Rest of the away team is defeated*
*Borg Drone has defeated you!*
Captain: "Ok let's go!"
Security Oficer: "But they adapted to our waepons, we can't fight them!"
Engineering Officer: "Captain, do you have any remodulators that we can use?"
Captain: "Modulators? I didn't know I could get any..."
*Synchornus Away team facepalm*
Security Officer: "Captain, you can replicate them you know..."
Captain: "Oh... Well... Can't you guys replicate your own?"
First officer: "We wish we could but the current setup only allows you to access the replicator..."
*Captain and the First Officer look right into the camera*
Captain: "Fine. I'll replicate them back on t he ship."
First Officer: "Very well. Shall we beam up?"
Captain: "No! We could lose our progress on the mission!"
*First Officer grits her teeth and clenches her fists in frustration*
First officer: "Sir, it will take them about 15 minutes to regroup..."
Captain: "It doesn't matter! To battle!"
*Captain runs off wielding the phaser rifle like a baseball bat*
*Collecive away team groan*
-- 6 Respawns later--
First officer: "Captain, can we PLEASE got and get those f******* modulators now?!"
*Captain runs off again*
*Away team looks at each other*
First officer: "Screw it. We are waiting here..."
*Captain respawns next to the away team*
Captain: "WTF! Why weren't you guys there?!"
First officer: "Captain, We arte out of red shirts from the ship, Our weapons are useless and you refuse to equip us propery. So, in order to save the ship and crew, I will be forced to relieve you of your duties as Captain if you continue this course of action."
Captain: "But... Oh for f***** sake. Fine. Transporter room, 5 to beam up."
*Captain stomps into the ready room, punches a few buttons on the repicator*
Captain walks back out onto the bridge and trows a handful of the modulators at the bridge crew with surprising force*
Captain: "Pansies....."


Yes I am ashamed to say this exact thing DID happen on my ship...