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10-14-2011, 10:11 AM
Originally Posted by Asakara
Last time I was on tribble the Delta Flyer crafting mission was still available at Memory Alpha (2 days ago).

If they did remove the Delta Flyer crafting mission, would adding in a different shuttle to craft be acceptable? (e.g. Danube, Type 8, or Yacht) Or does it have to be the Delta Flyer?
The mission wasn't available at Memory Alpha on Holodeck the last time I played it, you had to get it from Commander Wildman at K7. I can double check, but I looked for it in both places on Tribble and I didn't find it. The Delta Flyer is still available under "starship devices" in Memory Alpha but, without the mission, there's no way to get the schematic. Unless it's offered as a mission reward later in the game.