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10-14-2011, 12:05 PM
Hello Mazi buddy. Im sorry to say this but this has been tried for alot of times.

The rules you layed out for participation of this tournament are unfortunately failsauce

Some of these rules are just to vague, like usual. Lets take 'No excessive CBP' for instance.
Who decides whether excessive = excessive? There is too much difference of oppinion about these matters, and will eventually result in a tournament fail.

What about 1 Sci captain only? That rule might be agreed upon by most players, but not all. You really want to make a tournament fair? You can't. At the moment Sci much more devastating then anything else so that would mean just ban the whole Sci profession.

The closest you will get in a tournament is a full Escort tournament with everyone on the same profession (tactical).

Its good that you try it Mazi, but ...