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10-14-2011, 03:26 PM
It's not just the +1 power, I think.

Nebula and Excelsior are both physically different from the orginal Tier 3. +1 has in the 3 released ships and 4 planned ships been a new skin on the orginal, special console power, extra console slot and higher ranked BO. Nebula and Excelsior also have modified stats especially in the Nebula's case. Both are almost already +1. Also both were made into Tier 5 Retrofits which makes the Retrofit captain skill more valuable since they function differently from the other Tier 5 Retrofits.

In a fair world, an Advanced Heavy Escort, Advanced Heavy Escort Retrofit, Heavy Crusier Refit, and Research Science Vessel Refit would all be added. In a perfect world, Heavy Cruiser, Heavy Escort, and Research Science Vessels would have Tier 5 Retrofits as well.