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10-14-2011, 04:17 PM
Originally Posted by DaveyNY View Post
Just a rather large error correction for our illustrious EEPH to see here...

The Delta Flyer was Never Available by Emblem Grinding...

It was a Special Mission in the Cluster's that had to be done in another Shuttlecraft or the Capt's. Yacht over a TEN DAY Period, just to get the SCHEMATIC.

Then one had to go to Memory Alpha with the correct amount of Gathered Data Bits to create it.

Me thinks our EEPH needs more game time on the HOLODECK ..
Yeeeeeah, I didnt want to draw too much attention to that, but, uhm... it did have me scratching my head. Unless it's a matter of: (The Delta Flyer) and (some ships that were available for emblems) were always available via the C-Store.

The Oxford Comma was falsely deprecated! (That will be my next campaign. And then I will campaign for Pluto to be recognized as a planet once again.... =) )