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10-14-2011, 05:58 PM
Originally Posted by mikey22805
Can ANyone give me a healing bind? Say for instance if i wanna do Shift+1 for player one in tray 5= 4 heals in tray 5
shift+2 for player 2 etc..
Thank you
Maybe it is because I am tired, but I am not following exactly what you are asking. So, that being said, you will get the answer to my interpretation of your question. Have Shift+1 launch heals for teammate 1 from tray 5 slot 4. Shift+2 for heals to player 2 in tray 5 slot 5.

For command line interface:

/bind Shift+1 "target_self$$+trayexecbytray 4 3"
/bind Shift+1 "targetteammate 1$$+trayexecbytray 4 4"

For bind file:

Shift+1 "target_self$$+trayexecbytray 4 3"
Shift+1 "targetteammate 1$$+trayexecbytray 4 4"

If you want to add other heals/powers to each keybind, enter a "$$" following the last command, but prior to the quote symbol, followed by another +trayexecbytray command with the appropriate tray/slot combination. Remember that you need to subtract one from both the tray and slot numbers as STO starts numbering by zerio rather than one. So, tray 5 slot 4 is actually tray 4 slot 3.

Have fun.