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10-14-2011, 07:16 PM
I really enjoy my Flyer, it looks & handles better than the Captains yacht. I crafted it for all 6 of my Fed toons, not because I didn't want to pay for an account wide unlock (moneys not the issue), & I have a shuttle that came with my TOS interior anyway... I crafted it because it gave me something to do.

I don't remember actually reading anywhere that it was definatly becoming uncraftable.. We are still waiting for the crafting changes to be posted... Just because at the moment the "Delta Daily" is not on the mission menu on Tribble, doesn't mean it has been taken from the game...

However... if this is the case, then I see it as the "thin end of the wedge"... I predict that slowly over the course of the transition to F2P we will see more and more of our existing content becoming "obtainable via the C-store", despite assurances that this would not happen... We have already "lost" a couple of Tier 5 ships in this manner... more will follow... of that I have no doubt...

Dstahl envisaged that "everything in the C-store would be obtainable via in-game methods", but unfortunatly he is no longer at the helm... Maybe it is pressure from PW that is driving this push to the C-store... only time will time... & I guess we won't have long to wait...