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10-14-2011, 08:32 PM
Originally Posted by Vipermist
If your whole team is constantly scrambled all the time during a OPVP rules match, then you are doing something wrong, either you didn't bring enough science teams or you didn't bring enough attacking pressure so the other team taking that many ss1-ss2's ran out of heals.

QEW has fought against the best teams in the game that all tried the mass scamble against us, and it doesn't work. It leaves them way to vulnerable and we counter it by throwing the science team to the person that needs it most. Its still possible to heal teammates while under scramble so the issue of your whole team being scrambled isn't a big deal. Clearing the scramble from the target under attack or your escort which is attacking should be the priority, everyone else is not necessary

If our team can beat any heavy SS1-SS2 team using OPVP rules then so can anyone.

If you actually saw an RE vs QEW , or QEW vs TSI match using OPVP rules, you would see even with two escorts and multiple science, matches go for around an hour and each kill is earned, not through spamming cheese or scramble fests, but actually team coordination.

All taking away scramble does or limiting the game to 1 science, is slow the game down and make it too easy to heal and extends the length of matches and makes the game boring.

I'm done discussing this any further,

If the game is balanced, or a specific ability (Scramble Sensors in this case, on whatever rank you like it, with full consoles, like u have full consoles for your Weapons on your Escort i.e.) remains a matter of personal opinion here. We have no basis on how we actually Compare an ability like Scramble Sensors and compare to to all other abilities and variables which can occur in a certain match.

But people can still feel there is something not in place here. Can you deny that Science is the most OP profession in this game atm? Including all captain skills, bridge officer skills and ships, Yes you can deny that.

Others will not deny that. Mazi is a capable escorter, he has alot to learn still maybe, but he doesnt always play with the worst of all. So telling him just to pick a better team to try and handle SS better doesnt mean it isnt still OP.

I know what RE is capable of, they are great players. And I'm sure your brave battles will rage on for hours after another.

I'm done discussing this any further,