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From: Vice Admiral Jonothan Stipe

To: Starfleet Command

Re: Lack of supplies on Earth Space Dock


I have just been made aware of a situation on Earth space dock I feel needs attention. One of my former junior officers had recently been promoted to full Captain and was looking forward to equipping her new ship. She is one of the formost tatical captains in the fleet. She was given command of a defiant class vessel. Sadly none of the ship and weapon vendors on Earth space dock were able to provide her with dual cannons of any kind for her ship. Furthermore, she was unable to acquire any working consoles for her science and engineering officers. As of now they are not on speaking terms. No vendors were selling cannons of any kind and the only console upgrades were being traded for ultra rare dillithium.

We Starfleet Captains are used to making do with whatever we can. We understand that this is war time and commodities are hard to come by but if were are to promote our younger officers and give them commands of their own we must at least be able ti equip them with basic gear. Please see if any supply ships can be diverted to ESD to allows the vendors to sell all varieties of basic weapons and ship consoles for the hard earned yet measely Energy credits we obtain.

I thank you Sirs for your consideration in this matter.


Vice Admiral Jonothan Stipe