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10-14-2011, 11:13 PM
The Starship Weapons Calculator has now been updated to reflect the changes in Season 4, as well as to fix some bugs associated with the program (specifically the issues that prevented it from opening for some people).

Sorry for taking so long to update the program. I could have gotten the S4 changes out sooner, but I wanted to also address the technical problems before releasing a new version. Another small update will be coming soon which will slightly alter the accuracy calculations to reflect the actual code used in the game (in practice the difference shouldn't really be that big), as well as include a couple of ships that have been added since the last update in March.

I see that a lot of changes are being made on Tribble, but I'm going to hold off on updating the program until the changes are finalized. It's a lot easier that way, since I don't have to keep updating the program over and over again with each change.