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10-14-2011, 10:57 PM
Originally Posted by Oortael
I get that since the old way to promote BOffs through Merits is out, that a gap needs to be filled. But that gap should not be filled by consuming even more skill points to promote a BOff.

This is how it currently goes:

1. Get a BOff.
2. Use Skill Points to train abilities of BOff.
3. Spend at least 250 SP in order to be able to promote BOff.
4. Lose even more SP just to promote them.
5. Unlock more expensive abilities (That you might not be able to train b/c you lost most of the SP just to promote the BOff).

How does that make sense?

BOff promotion should either be a given (like it is with us) or (and I know a lot of people will hate this idea) it should cost some very modest amount of currency.

Show some support and let's get them to change it, please!!!
No change needed here. The system is just fine. Even at low levels if you do the patrols you will have more than enough to spec out your officers. Sitting at 154k skill points at VA with every officer maxed out. I don't see the problem.