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10-15-2011, 01:55 AM
I started your mission, but to be honest I didn't really enjoy it. There needs to be some more storyline as to why I'm going to the Kinjer system. Just being told to go felt like a patrol mission from the main game. Having to drop in and destroy 8/8 groups was just way too many. I actually enjoy the combat in the game, but just entering the system and having to destroy 8 enemy groups doesn't do much to draw me in.

Then we beamed down to the swamps and had to destroy 4 groups. The terrain of the swamp was really uneven and I ended up getting wiped twice (I was playing on Elite and some of the groups are very difficult on the higher difficulties). I got two critical injuries, and I'm sorry to say but I just dropped the mission at that point. The excessive difficulty is not your fault, but the problem was I just didn't feel any reason to either force my way through, or to go to the trouble of lowering the difficulty in order to continue. You need to give me some storyline to hook me in, and make me want to bother fighting through a ton of guys.

Just my general thoughts would be that the beginning of the mission needs to have something more than just fighting through a ton of guys. Maybe there's a research station or mining outpost in the Kinjer system that has stopped responding and you're supposed to find out why. When you get there you discover 2 or 3 groups of Orions around it (not 8) (or they could be in orbit around the planet as now).

The thing is after that initial encounter you really need something to introduce the story. Like you beam down to a ruined base and have to talk to injured scientists. Maybe you could fighting a couple of ground groups, but not just wade through four of them as things currently are. Mostly you need to have people introduce whatever mystery or conflict your story features at that point. It's possible you do this further in to the mission, but if so it's too far in. I didn't even make it that far.

Also, as far as the swamp map, I think the terrain is annoying to fight on. If I were you I'd fill the swamp with attack saur groups that wander around (not too close together!), but which can be avoided (not an objective to kill them). Maybe have some guard groups wandering around, but once again don't have them as objectives, just have them "patrolling". This way you can introduce a sense of danger without actually requiring a ton of combat, unless the player runs through like a bull in a china shop, or wants to fight everything.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts. In fairness, in the one mission I've made so far, you barely even see any combat at all for the first 2/3rds to 3/4ths of the mission. So maybe we just enjoy different types of missions.