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10-15-2011, 04:45 AM
Here are some more suggestions.

To be able to complete missions requiring more then one up to 5 of the same kind of DOff we are required to have that many of the same trade in our roster.

Our roster is limited to 100 DOffs.

There are 51 different trades/specializations

Which means if there are missions that require 5 of the same trade, we should at least have 255 DOff slots.

If there are missions requiring more of the same trade then 5 then multiply that with 51 and make the DOff cap that number.

Or limit the number you repeat the same requirement for a trade in a mission to 2 per trade.

*edit to add*

There isn't (with the new UI) a way to see what all the different levels are for each trade. That button you removed from the old version can that be reworked in to some sort of information that can be put as page 8 in the question-mark [?] tab?

I would also like to be able to sort my DOff missions on how much time they have left before completion.

It would be nice if the list with completed assignments could be on a separate button.

And please put the scroll bars on the right side of the info it scrolls. It is an annoyance to have to use it on the left side.