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10-15-2011, 06:42 AM
Our roster is limited to 100 DOffs.
If anything the number of DOFFs you have should depend on your ship. At the moment it doesn't matter if you're in a B'rel with a crew of 30, a Connie with a crew of 400, or a Vo'Quv with a crew of 4000, you still get 100 DOFFs. (the cargo bays on those BoPs must be stacked 3 deep with spare cots )

While I'm sure just setting the number like that makes for a simpler system. (doesn't matter if you change ships, etc) But it just feels wrong to have a crew of 30, and 40-50 of them are out on assignment. Or to have a crew of 4000, with 3900 lollygaggers that refuse to even make me a tribble kebab.