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10-15-2011, 06:49 AM
Hey thanks alot for taking the time to leave a review post. This is exactly the kind of constructive feedback I was hoping for.

Further to your points raised:

-A few of the people reviewing so far have pointed out that it could use another pass at spelling and grammar, so I will definitely take another run through when I have the time. (Failing that what I may do instead is offer my services at painting forum sigs and foundry mission posters in exchange if people are willing to thoroughly proof read for me since a painting probably won't take me as long and will be more fun!):p

-One thing that jumps out at me here as an easy fix is a quick rewrite of the dialog prior to the 1st optional objective "Rescue Coldstream".. I totally agree with the idea that telling the player they can gain from it negates the value of the moral choice so I will most likely change this at the earliest opportunity.

-I was unsure as to how open ended to leave the investigation part. Something I don't particularly enjoy in missions is where you're given an objective and then the author waypoints you and holds your hand all the way to it's completion. There's nothing particularly engaging about that for me if it's a constant feature, I'd rather be left to figure out the solution myself occasionally.

You're definitely right though, a few more dialog prompts and a persistent dialog box to talk it over with your Boffs are going to be worthwhile adding here.

-I wonder about the combat at the end. Which choice did you make earlier in the mission? This dictates who shows up to assist you at the end. Although the two assisting forces are pretty much equal, just skinned differently. ( I think one has 2 cruisers instead of a battleship, but I should really go back and check this.)

I think I get a false impression of the durability of friendly NPCs since my main toon (with whom I tested this) flies an intrepid refit. So if I see a friendly about to go down in flames I generally have a spare heal to throw at him. I can see how this fight would potentially be frustrating for a high dps escort pilot (for example) once the friendlies are down.

-About the twitch stance.. I totally never noticed! I guess I just characterised too many of them as being "twitchy".. The hyperactive cadet, the mysterious ambassador's aide etc etc... You're right, I should probably tone this down a bit as it could be misinterpreted given the way the story unfolds in the latter stages. (Having said that, this will probably be alot less noticeable once the emote options are fixed in the dialog editor.)

Thanks again for the feedback (and for vouching for me in the court of the Grand Nagus!)

I will definitely try out 'Dereliction Duty' this evening, looking forward to it.