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10-15-2011, 08:07 AM
Originally Posted by Feor View Post
If anything the number of DOFFs you have should depend on your ship. At the moment it doesn't matter if you're in a B'rel with a crew of 30, a Connie with a crew of 400, or a Vo'Quv with a crew of 4000, you still get 100 DOFFs. (the cargo bays on those BoPs must be stacked 3 deep with spare cots )

While I'm sure just setting the number like that makes for a simpler system. (doesn't matter if you change ships, etc) But it just feels wrong to have a crew of 30, and 40-50 of them are out on assignment. Or to have a crew of 4000, with 3900 lollygaggers that refuse to even make me a tribble kebab.
Making the number of DOffs depend on the size of the ship isn't a good idea, in my opinion, but you are entitled to your opinion as well.

What happens if you have a Carrirer and then changes to a BoP? Will you loose all the excess DOffs?
The number of DOffs needs to be connected to the amount needed to do the missions they make.
If they make missions that require 5 Prisoners, 5 Conn Officers or 5 Diplomats or 5 Sensors Officers or 5 Colonists then we should be able to have 5 of each type of officer (there are 51 types in the game now on Tribble). If we aren't allowed that many then don't make missions that require that many of the same type of DOff.