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10-15-2011, 10:45 AM
Originally Posted by BigRedJedi
Statement: When someone as level-headed as Kil makes a statement such as this, my hope for eventual balance dwindles even further.

Whimsical Metaphor: If STO were an ecosystem, and rain were our hopes of seeing balance, the Sahara would seem a lush paradise by comparison.

Prediction: Friendly fire will be the proverbial straw that finally, at long last, kills PvP in STO.

I'm afraid it's true my Droid brother. The vision I'm seeing, until the testing of the skill revamp, is a new kind of balance, in that the balance we once knew, will be long gone, and a new balance will be introduced. One that will seem unbalanced to us, but will be the way of things when the new generation arrives.

And Friendly Fire comes from the Tricobolt Torpedoes, Mines, and High Yield Plasma Torpedoes. So yes, at first I forsee such friendly fire griefing to become the norm. Eventually the Organized PVPers will band together and disallow such tactics. Probably when they have grown tired of using those tactics themselves at least..