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10-15-2011, 12:00 PM
I run a sci Advanced Escort with.... two beams One back one rear...
Full aux setting all the time
Tachyon 3... Torp spread 3 and 2 with a little target shield 3 action
1 Peng 2 Quantums... and 2 Chron torps in the back (Just to be more annoying).
Of course 4 Warhead units.... it makes the quantums do more dmg then the peng I would drop it but it flys so fast it hits before the Quantums I launch first... nothing says Hello like a Proced shield and a Quantum TS 3 + a Peng and 1 second later a TS 2. LOL

I am sure I'll role it out a few more times before the 22nd comes along.