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10-15-2011, 04:37 PM
Originally Posted by Feor View Post
You probably would want to put a hard upper limit on it, maybe around 200 DOFFs, just for the sake of sanity.

And yeah, you'd just have a "storage area" for DOFFs, so if you switch from a Carrier to a BoP (or a Cruiser to an Escort on the Fed Side) you only keep as many active DOFFs with you you can support on your ship, and you can go talk to someone in ESD/First City to swap them out with the others that got put into "Storage".

As to being guaranteed to be able to do every kind of quest: why?

If your roster is full and you don't have the officers to do a certain mission you want to do, you should go trade with other players to get the officers you need for that mission. If you then find a different mission that you can't do, you should go and trade again for the officers for that. Or just don't do those missions.

You can't get every skill in the game to 9, if you can just automatically do every assignment given to you where's the challenge in finding and picking the missions that will be most beneficial to you?
Some people dont give a flying fig about challenge, just about having fun? You know the concept I trust? This is a mini game, theres nothing wrong with wanting to max all doff skills.