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# 1 STFs: To Q or not to Q?
10-15-2011, 08:51 PM
No, this isn't our friendly omnipotent overseer. No, I'm talking about the new STF queues that will go live with F2P launches.

While testing the "new" STFs on Tribble, I can't help but feel like Cryptic is making a mistake.

Why? The one thing people been asking for the longest times is that we get new, replayable end-game content. And the only end-game content STO really had was STFs: Infected, Cure, Khitomer Accords and now Terrordrome. Sure they were hard and required long committments, but that was the closest thing we had to old school dungeon Raids. But with the changes, the new STFs aren't really STFs anymore but instead just 6 new Fleet Actions. In short, it's the same dog but with new tricks.

I feel that in the end we lost content more than we gained. Especially with the Omega Fleet and Gamma Orionis becoming graveyards.

Sometimes it's better to leave well enough alone. I feel that the energy spent remodeling the STFs could've been better spent in creating that new end-game content we been asking for, for a long time. After all, these new STFs is just another delay tactic similar to when Valor gear and Borg Gear were introduced.

So please, focus on new content than more remodling.