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# 1 New T5 Excelsior console
10-16-2011, 03:47 AM
Now I have been saying for the past few days that the new Excelsior consoles suck. And, quite frankly, they do. However I had a change of perspective earlier that lead me to think they dont suck as much as I thought.

I run 9/9 in all performance skills. I'm sure a lot of people do regardless of what ship they fly. They are staple skills in my book.

At max level the T5 version adds 7.6 to all your Performance skills. Not much really. Not enough to warrent a console slot as it only provides 1 power to each subsystem.

However if we look at the Performance skills for a minute. 9/9 provides +52, 8/9 provides +48 and 7/9 provides +44.

So if we include the +8 (rounding) from the T5 Excelsior's console we can achieve the same results speccing 7/9 in all the performance skills as we currently do for speccing 9/9.

With Weapon and Auxillary Performance both being T5 skills and Shield and Engine Performance both being T4 skills, the difference between speccing 9/9 in all four and 7/9 in all four is a massive 3600 skillpoints.
Thats a whole T4 skill at 9/9.
Thats +52 to a previously unspecced T4 skill.
Pretty awesome actually.
If you dont really have another skill you want to spec into, throw the points into the ship skills between tiers 2 and 5 and improve your ship slightly in overall performance.

If you are worried about the rounding of 7.6 to 8 you can go 8/9 in all four performance skills and save 1800 skillpoints which is enough for a T2 skill at 9/9.

Ok to take advantage of this you have to be willing to spend a respec token. And having done so you have to be pretty sure you will not be flying anything except the Excelsior in the future.

Still I think this console is actually pretty cool.

In summary; The T5 Excelsior console is effectively a +52 console for something you haven't specced into.

Thanks for reading.