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10-16-2011, 08:27 AM
There is no way cryptic is going to do what it says it does.

They have been talking about a year now how they want to do weekly feature episodes or at least something similar.
We haven't seen any for 7 months and won't see it for another 3.
Then Dstahl and others in cryptic has said "We don't know about the future about the feature episodes". Whenever cryptic says things like that it is equivalent to a parent telling a child "maybe" or "ask your mother".
They won't give a definitive answer.

How about the remastered episodes? All are due in 4 months. Any definitive answer as to how those are going?

How about F2P? Oh a definitive answer on that, i see.
Cstore stuff? Yep. Alot of info on that.

Content? Nah.