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10-16-2011, 08:29 AM
Originally Posted by innocuous9
I'm not trying to flame or troll here, but...

What are you people doing to break this game? I've been playing since it launced and what bugs I have encountered are few and far between. Like, months between. I've leveled many alts and so-forth so it's not like I just got lucky on my first play-through or anything.

So, what gives here?
Of the 13 people I know (including myself) who just started playing, 8 had issues with the training level. 13 of us have had people fall through the environment. I didn't ask how many people have the same officer show up more than once simultaneously in their bridge, but several forum posts related to the problem suggest that it's not me.

Of the 13 systems used, they range from state of the art to old and crappy, Intel to AMD, nVidia to ATI.

And then there's the 82 page post on critical gamestoppers...

The game is a mess. Cryptic owes it to its overly-loyal player base to fix it.