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10-16-2011, 09:26 AM
Jävla skitspel är vad det har blivit!

Well i wouldn´t be proud of working at cryptic even if i wasn´t in the deciding postition...but i guess you want to keep your job in theese hard times.
But seriously, we obviously are complaining about the game as a whole and the people that makes the calls.
But i do have to wonder if the ordinary staff doesn´t hold one or two programmers that aren´t..that competent. That or they don´t have a testing group/quality check AT ALL!!

And i am so tired about personal remarks and rudeness against people that has a view or a question about the game itself!! So sad to see that the world have so many people that have to push people down to feel good about themselves! Not to mention all the rude people ingame!