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10-16-2011, 09:33 AM
Imo, the best things about STFs

1) They are 5 man raids! I hated waiting for the 15-18 people in guild that were always late or just never showed up. Or the 4 people in 10s that are always late ><

2) Each STF takes 45minutes to an hour give or take. I LOVE this about STFs I really hate leaving a raid because my brother is in town for a few hours and wants to get a beer. I can run the quick STF AND get a beer, try doing that in other games.

STO is very casual in this respect in that it doesn't require 3 days a week to get 1 peice of gear, and even then there are TONS of ways to get gear so there is no "you don't havez 400 ilevel"