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10-16-2011, 10:02 AM
Sorry if someone else has asked these questions, there is allot of posts here...

When I change my in game key binds, I lose the ability to set rally points to my BOffs, when trying to use the mouse to click the icon near their name/pic and even if I give a key to be assigned to the actual key bind "Set Rally Point" in the menus.

I saved my key bind file using your guide here, which is awesome btw, and reset to default and then load the file back to see if it was just bugged.

Short of me copying all the keys I got assigned to Key Binds now; hitting reset to default; then changing each one back to how I have them set up now till I lose the ability to set a rally point, is there a way to get my set rally point ability back OR IF I have to copy all the key binds down and reset them, is there something or a certain key bind I should not touch or change to keep from loosing the ability to set way points?

Hope my question makes sense...

One more for you, is there a way I can assign "Beam to ship" action to a key bind so I can hit a button instead of clicking the little icon in the upper corner of the map?

Thanks in advance and you have very helpful thread here and very useful.