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10-16-2011, 01:00 PM
Originally Posted by reon View Post
Imo, the best things about STFs

1) They are 5 man raids! I hated waiting for the 15-18 people in guild that were always late or just never showed up. Or the 4 people in 10s that are always late ><

2) Each STF takes 45minutes to an hour give or take. I LOVE this about STFs I really hate leaving a raid because my brother is in town for a few hours and wants to get a beer. I can run the quick STF AND get a beer, try doing that in other games.

STO is very casual in this respect in that it doesn't require 3 days a week to get 1 peice of gear, and even then there are TONS of ways to get gear so there is no "you don't havez 400 ilevel"
Agreed, I think the old style of Raid is becoming out-dated, some games are starting (or have been for a while) to make versions of their raids for smaller groups.

I havn't tried the new STF's but the old ones, with a half decent team, were pretty easy for me. I like a challenge so I hope the harder versions are more challenging. Although I'm slightly worried becaue Cryptic just like to buff the NPC's HP and damage, there's mroe interesting ways to make things more challenging.